Courting Moon – Vampyres Desire – by Adom Sample


Today I have a spotlight on Adom Sample’s Courting Moon-Vampyres Desire. Pull up a chair, grab a drink of your choice from the cooler, a Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter cookie from the plate, and enjoy a peek into Courting Moon. Don’t forget too enter the give away at the bottom of this post.

How far will you go to be with the one you love?

Two worlds.

Separation and control were all they had ever known. The laws set by the iron fist of the Coven of Vampyres pass down to the human reverts was what their worlds were built upon. Love, passion, emotional yearning and above all, human and vampyre fraternization–all strictly forbidden. Yet, a moment’s encounter would soon change all that. One single embrace would alter their worlds forever.

The young vampyre, Sebastian of Orias, son of a ruling member of the Coven, and nineteen-year-old Kyra Dunning, daughter of the Chief Councilman in the human régime would soon learn what it means to feel an insatiable passion. This feeling caused the forbidden fruit to consume their hearts with hunger neither knew existed. To be apart was to die. Henceforth, they chose to break the rules, defy the Coven, and embrace this connection, regardless of the dangers that may unfold.

With marriages arranged, political power to centralize, and underground dissension to eradicate, both the Coven and the Council will stop at nothing to maintain order. And the love between Sebastian and Kyra, unbeknownst to them, may mean the end of everything they’ve ever known.


The dark meadows and midnight air blast through her hair giving off a scent that would attract any Vampyre for miles. It was there he sensed her. It was there he could no longer deny himself the pleasure of getting to know who she was. The rules were set, and the laws were written, but none of that could keep him restrained. Not anymore.

His emotions fluttered, leaving him no other choice. He must take that chance, regardless of the prospect of rejection. For months, he watched her, lurking in the shadows of their lands, never giving thought as to what would happen if he were to be discovered. It was a risk he was more than willing to take, if only just to get a second glance of her beauty.

He was, after all, the son of a count, and he knew the rules better than anyone. Fraternization between Vampyre and human was strictly forbidden. The rules were imprinted in his brain from birth, but he had to choose differently. Was it her human frailty or the smell of her blood that drew him there every night? Whatever this enchanting spell was that led him to her lands took total control, forcing him to do things he thought he’d never do.

Romantic love was forbidden and after months of obsessing over this human woman, he was beginning to understand why. All rational thought escaped his mind whenever he was near her. The erratic and irrational impulses that made him sneak out of his room, cross the neutral territory, and enter their lands each night had overwhelmed him. He’d lost control, yet refused to do anything about it. This was who he wanted to be.

Henceforth, that night in the dark meadows, basking in the midnight air, he made his approach. Would she welcome him or fear him? What stories would she have heard about his kind that could force her to be reluctant by his presence? He had no choice, for it was too late to turn back now. She was alone, and he would never have an opportunity like this again. He pushed back the bushes, taking slow steps toward her. Hesitant, he thought about turning around and forgetting about her. He knew where this would lead. Still, he interjects his reason and pushes aside all logic, giving in to his wanting desire.

“Hello,” he whispered softly from behind. She froze. She knew the end was near. She knew the Vampyre creeping up behind her would make her his supper if she didn’t run, and quick. Without thought, she took off screaming for her life. Her action to his bold move didn’t surprise him at all; the only thing that entered his mind was how beautiful she looked when she ran away. He didn’t pursue right away. He stood there paralyzed, fearful that he would be discovered.

If anyone heard her screaming it would be the end of him. Before she could get too far, he headed her off, and in a flash was right in front of her. They had collided. She ran right into him. The touch of her soft warm skin sent a sense of inner peace and tranquility through this entire body.

They had their arms wrapped around each other like lovers in need. That sensual gaze he gave her forced the fear to melt away only to be replaced with apprehension and embarrassment.

“I will not harm you,” he said in a passionate whisper.

“What do you want from me?” Her voice trembled.

“Simple conversation.”

“You mean to kill me?”

“Of course not. But far be it for me to make you my meal someday.”

“Who are you?” She gave him an uneasy glance.

He stared into her eyes and smiled, brushing his fingers through her soft, long hair. And thus that single encounter, that bold embrace set forth the path they would go through together; placing things in motions that would tear the very boundaries of everything they’d ever known. Forever.

You can find Courting Moon – Vampyres Desire – The Bloods Passion Saga at Amazon.

About the Author:

Adom Sample was born in Kansas City, Missouri and currently lives in Fairfax, Virginia. He holds an MBA from GMU, an MHA from ATSU. He served in the United States Air Force from 2001 to 2008. He is an independent author who enjoys reading and writing romance, erotic, and paranormal stories. Writing is his passion and he lives to give others ideas and inspire stories to push the limits of creativity.








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A Hundred Kisses, by Author Jean M. Grant

Give a warm welcome to Jean M. Grant, author of A Hundred Kisses  just released Today!

Pull up a chair, grab a drink of your choice from the cooler, a Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter cookie from the plate, and let’s find out a little about Jean and A Hundred Kisses.

Jean, Tell us a little about writing this story.  Was it fun or difficult?  Writing this book was quite the journey. It was fun, first and foremost. I love losing myself in fictional worlds, especially my own. I also love all things Scotland, even if I write about a time period before the kilt came around (because who doesn’t love a dashing Scot in a kilt?). This book is my fourth completed manuscript, and my first to make it to publication. I learned a great deal writing the first three. Feedback from agents and beta-readers, conference attendances, lots of time reading and honing my craft…all have resulted in the story in A Hundred Kisses. Blood (usually just a character’s, not my own), sweat, and tears. But so worth it. I even got to visit Scotland in 2008, which helped me embrace the beauty of a land I’d only experienced previously in books and online. I look forward to writing the prequel (working on that now), and I’ve written a mainstream women’s fiction novel that I hope to see published in the near future. I have many more stories in me, in both the romance and mainstream arenas.

Do your characters always act as you expect? My characters start out on a good track, but they do have minds of their own and can take interesting detours. Some moments I have to laugh at them because they do the unexpected!

Are you a plotter, or fly (write) by the seat of your pants? I love plotting. I plot before I even chart out the characters. I love to outline and plan. However, specific elements don’t always come to me until farther into the book (or even during the many revisions), and sometimes the story takes an unplanned turn. So I would say I start out with a rough outline and plot, but I may write by the seat of my pants for some parts of the book. Each story has a voice and it speaks to me.

Tell us a little about the A Hundred Kisses.


Two wedding nights. Two dead husbands.

Deirdre MacCoinneach wishes to understand her unusual ability to sense others’ lifeblood energies…and vows to discover if her gift killed the men she married. Her father’s search for a new and unsuspecting suitor for Deirdre becomes complicated when rumors of witchcraft abound.

Under the façade of a trader, Alasdair Montgomerie travels to Uist with pivotal information for a Claimant seeking the Scottish throne. A ruthless baron hunts him and a dark past haunts him, leaving little room for alliances with a Highland laird or his tempting daughter.

Awestruck when she realizes that her unlikely travel companion is the man from her visions, a man whose thickly veiled emotions are buried beneath his burning lifeblood, Deirdre wonders if he, too, will die in her bed if she follows her father’s orders. Amidst magic, superstition, and ghosts of the past, Alasdair and Deirdre find themselves falling together in a web of secrets and the curse of a hundred kisses…

Wow, the original black widow? Oh, sorry! Who is this handsome gentlement you brought?

 Sir Alasdair Montgomerie.  

Can I ask him a few questions?

Of course!

Great! (rubbing my hands together)

Tells us about the real you

The real me? It’s thorny story. We don’t have enough time.

That’s too bad, I’d love to  here it. (shaking my head)

      What event in your past has left the most indelible impression on you?

My mother’s death. She was burned at the stake for witchery. My father boasts about it, for he is the one who made it happen. I am scarred from it, in quite the literal sense.

Wow, that was unexpected.  I’m so sorry for your loss.

  What do you most value?

Loyalty to country and men. Honesty.

What is the type of woman you want to spend the rest of your life with?

I’d love a lass who’s passionate about a cause and willing to travel the countryside with me for the sake of Scotland’s future. And one without complications.

What do you consider most important in life?

Faithfulness and family, although my family is lacking.

   What is your biggest secret?

Only one?

Well, I’d rather hear one and hear about the real you, and you mother, was she really a witch…. Ok, I can tell by you stormy expression, that’s not going to happen, so…only one.

Well, I’ve been traveling under a false identity for The Scottish Cause, to see the rightful heir restored to the throne. And the woman I love thinks I am somebody else. I’ve also got a baron hunting me, and my mother’s past haunts me.

Thanks for answers a few questions.  I do appreciate it.  Maybe you can come back and we’ll delve into… Oh, never mind. He marchs out the back door of the office. As I turn around,  Lady Deirdre MacCoinneach, enters from the front. Oh, how wonderful to meet you.  Will you tell us abou the real you?

Is that a trick question? What do you know? Have you been talking with my father?

Noooo.. not at all. I was just talking to Sir Alasdair Montomerie and he seems to be as unwilling to tell me about….  Let’s move on.

Who were the biggest role models in your life?

My mother, though she died when I was young. So our castle cook has taken me under her wing. I’ve had to keep my own against the men my father brings for Hall. I can carry on well with political banner. And I’ve got this, mmphmm, ability, you can call it, to sense people’s true intentions. It comes in handy when my father, the laird, needs me to weed out the scoundrels that come calling.

What kind of man do you want to spend the rest of your life with?  

Somebody who appreciates me for me, and accepts my “gift” without question. I’m not a witch, mind you! I’d love a man that won’t be bothered by my explorations, too. Castle life is rather boring. Although, I’ve had two husbands die on our wedding nights, so I’m wary of entering into marriage again. I feel cursed. I’d rather just be alone, honestly.

  What kind of man would you never choose?

I don’t have much say in who I marry. Sadly, my father is already working on trying to arrange my marriage to this mysterious lowland noble traveling to the isles on trade.

Oh, but that could be interesting. (Lady Deirdre MacCoinneach sadly shakes her head. I shrug.) What is most important to you in life?

My family, my independence.

What is your biggest fear?

That people learn about the true me – about my ability to feel others emotions and life energies – and that I am cast out or worse, burned as a witch.

Ohh, I hope such a thing would never happen. (Lady MacCoinneach gets to her feet.)

I really must be going.

Thanks for stopping by and chatting with us. Jean may we have a sneak peek in the book?

She sensed no colors in the murky, lifeless water, and it was freeing. All breath escaped her. Muted visions passed before her eyes—her mother, her father, Gordon, and Cortland. Just a moment longer, she thought…

Suddenly, a burst of warm light invaded her thoughts as air filled her lungs. Red-hot hands burned her shoulders and ripped her from her icy grave. She breathed life into her body. She coughed, gagging on the change.

Muffled words yelled at her.

Oh, God, so hot. His fingers were like hot pokers. Her head pounded as she slowly returned to the present. Heat radiated from her rescuer. Somebody had pulled her from the water.


“Hush, lass. You nearly drowned.”

His voice was as soothing as a warm cup of goat’s milk on a winter’s day. A red-hot glow emanated from his body. Never before had she felt such a strong lifeblood, and it nearly burned her. She struggled in his arms to get free. She blinked, only seeing a blurry form before her. “Release me!”

She splashed and wriggled, and he did as told. She clambered to the shoreline. Numb and shaken, she began to dress. It wasn’t easy as she fumbled with slick fingers to put dry clothes over wet skin. She instantly regretted her naked swim. She pulled on her long-sleeved white chemise first.

She faced the forest, away from her rescuer. He quietly splashed to shore. His lifeblood burned into her back. He wasn’t far behind, but he stopped. She refused to look at him until she was fully clothed, not out of embarrassment of her nudity, but for what had just happened. He released a groan and mumbled under his breath about wet boots. His voice was not one of her father’s soldiers.

When she put the last garment on, her brown wool work kirtle, she squeezed out her sopping hair and swept her hands through the knotty mess. She fastened her belt and tied the lacings up the front of the kirtle. Blood returned to her fingertips, and she regained her composure. Belated awareness struck her, and she leaned down and searched through her bag for her dagger. She spun around.

She gasped as she saw the man sitting on the stone-covered shoreline, his wet boots off. Confusion and the hint of a scowl filled his strong-featured face. She staggered back, caught her heel on a stone, and fell, dropping the dagger. Dirt and pebbles stuck to her wet hands and feet, and she instinctively scrambled away from him.

His glower, iridescent dark blue eyes, and disheveled black hair were not unfamiliar. Staring at her was the man she had seen in her dream—it was the man from the wood.

Where can we find A Hundred Kisses?


Links on The Wild Rose Press: Ebook, Paperback 

Now a little about Jean Grant:

Jean is a scientist, part-time education director, and a mom. She currently resides in Massachusetts and draws from her interests in history, science, the outdoors, and her family for inspiration. She enjoys writing non-fiction articles for family-oriented and travel magazines, and aspires to write children’s books while continuing to write novels. In 2008, she visited the land of her daydreams, Scotland, and it was nothing short of breathtaking. Jean enjoys tending to her flower gardens, tackling the biggest mountains in New England with her husband, and playing with her sons, while daydreaming about the next hero to write about…

When she is not doing all those other things, you can find her here:


Twitter: @JeanGrant05


I so glad Sir Alasdair Montgomerie and Lady Deirdre MacCoinneach could join you here today.  Please feel free to stop by anytime. Good Luck with A Hundred Kisses!

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Barbara Bettis Author of The Lady of the Forest

Give a warm welcome to Barbara Bettis, author of  The Lady of the Forest!

Pull up a chair, grab a drink of your choice from the cooler, or I have fresh made lemonade on the counter. There are Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter cookie on the plate, and let’s find out a little about Barbara and Lord Henry of Chauvere!

Lord Henry of Chauvere, tells us about the real you

Well, Lady Tena, my life’s an open book, no pun intended.

What event in your past has left the most indelible impression on you?

Difficult to pick just one, but I believe one of the most vivid recollections I have is being knocked from my horse, then waking to find myself face to face with my captor—the beautiful lady who became my wife, Lady Katherine. She took my breath away, dressed as she was as a lad. That was nothing to what I experienced the first time I saw her dressed in a gown. She set me free of my bindings that first day, but my heart will always be in her keeping.

What do you most value?

That’s an easy one. Honesty, loyalty, love, honor. The measure of a man or a woman, no matter the station in life, is the devotion to those qualities.

What is the type of woman you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Such a woman should have every one of the qualities I mentioned above. In addition, she must be independent, intelligent, with a mind of her own. I want a true mate, not a weak, shallow shadow. She must be able to manage the castle and direct the people if I am away. And she will, of course, be a loving and dedicated mother. I though such a female didn’t exist until I met my Kate.

What do you consider most important in life? 

My loving wife, our children, and our friends. 

What is your biggest secret?

I’ll share this with you, Lady Tena, but I ask that it goes no further. I wept the night before I wed Kate, and when each of my children were born. I wept because I never thought to have such joy in my life. God has blessed me.

Wow, you are a very lucky man.  You know I’ve been called a lot of things, but Lady was never one of them, so thank you Lord Henry of Chauvere.  <giggle>

Barbara, your turn. Tell us a little about writing this storyWas it fun or difficult?  Do your characters always act as you expect? Are you a plotter, or fly (write) by the seat of your pants?

This story of Henry and his Lady Kate was fated from my first book (which hasn’t been published, but which I’m revising now and hope to see out soon). When it finally materialized, the tale bore little resemblance to its first vision. But I am so pleased with the results. It’s one of my favorite stories.

It was fun to write, but a challenge to bring the two together in the format I wanted, which was a 40,000 words novella.

My characters don’t always act as I expect. Although I have a basic synopsis of the entire story and certain major touch points before I begin, from there on I’m a pantser, so I’m flexible when my characters come up with ideas of their own. Even when other characters unexpectedly pop in from other books. That’s what happened with Sir Bernard. I had such fun with him in a previous book, he just barreled right in!

Oh boy do I know that feeling!

Share a bit about the book?

He must pursue his enemy; she must protect her people. Can their love survive the duties that drive them apart?

When her elderly husband dies, Lady Katherine fakes her own death and disappears into the forest with others escaping the brutish new lord. Determined to protect her people, she knocks the wrong man senseless. But Lord Henry isn’t an enemy, he’s the brother of her childhood friend. Although his tender confidence tempts her, she’s bound by duty.

Henry of Chauvere has found the one lady he wants for his own, never mind she’s tied him hand and foot. When he learns the king has ordered her to wed Stonehill’s ruthless new master, he insists Kate seek haven with his sister. But she won’t desert her friends. Henry vows to solve her problem, provided he catches a traitor before the threat from Kate’s past catches her.

When a daring rescue compels Henry and Kate to join forces, their attraction grows into love. If only duty didn’t drive them apart.

How about a peek between the pages of The Lady of the Forest?

Kate drew the dagger sheathed at her waist and set to the knots at his wrist. “Two days ago, soldiers began searching for strangers. Friends at the castle told us a traitor roamed the forest, and Sir Mortimer gave orders to apprehend or kill him.”

“Then it appears Sir Paxton has reached your lord and recruited help. He has a talent for

spinning tales.”

The ropes gave way and Kate stepped back.

Henry massaged his wrists. “Your men tie a good knot. Have a lot of practice, do they?”

Kate jerked her gaze to his face. He jested at a time like this? Yes, blast the man, a smile lurked at the corners of his lips.

Her glance slid from his mouth to his eyes, and she gasped. “Your poor face. Here,” she handed him the dagger and waved at the binding around his ankles, “you cut while I pour more water. If that wound isn’t cleaned, it may turn bad.”

She’d retrieved the bowl from the floor where she’d dropped it earlier, and turned to fill it with cool water when a pair of strong hands gripped her shoulders. A deep, rough whisper brushed her ears.

“Never give a weapon to the enemy.”

Check out The Lady of the Forest at:  AMAZON  and The Wild Rose Press

Award winning author Barbara Bettis has always loved history and English. As a college freshman, she briefly considered becoming an archeologist until she realized there likely would be bugs and snakes involved. And math. She now lives in Missouri, where she recently retired as an English and journalism professor and plans to spend more time creating heroes to live for.

You can find more about Barbara at or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

It was wonderful having you with us today.  Please feel free to stop by anytime. Good Luck with The Lady of the Forest.

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Spinning Time, A Time Travel Romance by D.F. Jones



Give a warm welcome  D.F. Jones, author of  Spinning Time, A time Travel Romance  just released on May 9, 2017!

Pull up a chair, grab a drink of your choice from the cooler, a Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter cookie from the plate, and let’s find out a little about D.F., and A love story that transcends time.

Tell us about Spinning Time. It starts out in 1949, right? Yes.

Southern debutante, Julia Boatwright has everything a twenty-one-year-old desires, a wealthy family, close friends, and Phillip, her handsome fiancé.

Until one day, Julia plunges into the deep pools of Burkett Falls trapped in a natural time portal that propels her seventy years into the future.

Julia and Phillip live decades apart, but their love for each other keep them fighting to find a way to reunite.

ATTRA (Alien Time Travel Research Agency) Commander Adams runs a secret agency controlling time events, and she wants Julia.

Julia holds the key that may break the time space barrier into the distant past shaping the future outcome for the inhabitants of Earth.

With the help of time tracker, Ruben Callaway, and his team, a window of time approaches which may allow Julia to spin through a loop of time between the parallel universes back home.

Will Julia find her way home before time runs out?

“If you love time travel romance, drama, and thriller suspense novels, this book is a must read!”


A little about D.F. Jones.

After graduating Middle Tennessee State University, D.F. Jones landed a job as a broadcast consultant at the ABC Affiliate in Nashville, which led her opening an advertising agency. Over the years, she’s created many campaigns for clients and still enjoys developing marketing materials.

However, in December of 2010, D. F. Jones became a caregiver for her parents. There’s nothing quite like facing mortality to shake up one’s life. She began my writing her first novel in the late Fall of 2014.

Writing is a source of creative expression, but it also releases stress for D. F. Jones. Writing takes her to a place where anything is possible, and fiction takes D.F. Jones to a place made of dreams.

D.F. Jones is happily married to the love of her life and best friend, KJ. They have two gorgeous grown sons she loves and adores more than life itself. D.F. Jones loves to laugh, and her husband keeps her in stitches!

D.F. Jones is a fan of the Tennessee Titans, MTSU Blue Raiders and she enjoys working in her flower gardens.

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#99Cents Spinning Time, a time travel romance by D.F. Jones

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#SpinningTime #timetravelromance

Books by D.F. Jones

Signed Paperbacks are available to purchase online through  or order books online through most major booksellers.

Spinning Time, a time travel romance:

Ditch Lane Diaries: One-Volume Collection

Ruby’s Choice (Ditch Lane Diaries 1)

Anna’s Way (Ditch Lane Diaries 2)

Sandy’s Story (Ditch Lane Diaries 3)

Antique Mirror, a Halloween Short Story:

Jonathan’s Curse, prequel to Antique Mirror, estimated to release this Fall.

It was wonderful having you with us today.  Please feel free to stop by anytime. Good Luck with your Time Travel Romance, Spinning Time.




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