Camping Season is Here! Have You Made Reservations?

Welcome to the Spring ‘Tastic Blog Tour. Thanks for stopping by! At the bottom of this post are links for visiting the other blogs and info on the grand prize.  So sit back and learn why you should be camping!

It’s here, finally here. I’ve looked forward all winter to packing up the fifth wheel and camping!  Yes, we have to de-winterize it first, details, details. LOL I love the scent of a campfire, roasting marshmallows, s’mores, and steaks cooked on an open campfire are the best.  Don’t you think?

Hiking, kayaking, relaxing, unwinding from the daily routine of life and napping, oh yes, napping is a must when camping. The fresh mountain air wafting over you in the comfy lounge chair in front of the fifth wheel, trailer or tent, nothing better.  Relaxing with a good book after a nice hike is a great way to hit the reset button on the stressors in your world.  Many an idea for my books I attribute to camping trips.  What do I write? Paranormal Romance, thanks for asking. My fifth book, A Warlock’s Secrets releases June 14, 2017, it’s second in the Demon’s Witch Series, and one you’ll want to take camping. For a list of all my books, click here.   Now back to your regularly scheduled post.

Sleep may come a little easier in the fresh mountain air and under the starry skies.  A new report from the University of Colorado (yep, I live in Colorado) backs up what I’ve known all along. Camping is good for you!  Even a weekend trip, can make a difference in the rise and fall of the hormone melatonin which regulates our biological clock. Couple that with spending quality time with family, friends and pets (yep, our dog, parrot, and box turtle go camping too) and you have a recipe for recharging your mental and physical batteries.  We spend our weekends camping as often as possible from spring through fall, when the honey-do list allows. Heck, sometimes when it doesn’t. LOL

According to Kenneth P. Wright, a sleep researcher and author of a study published in the journal Cell, “Living in our modern environments can significantly delay our circadian timing, and late circadian timing is associated with many health consequences.” Gotta go camping for my health!

Okay, enough with the scientific stuff. I’ve given you plenty of reasons to get out there and enjoy nature. What are you waiting for?  Fresh mountain air, wildlife, kayaking, hiking & biking trails are calling you.

Where you ask? Let’s start with the fantastic National Parks, Rocky Mountain National is a favorite of ours as are Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite and several others. Then you have the wonderful Colorado State Parks,   Steamboat Lake, Pearl Lake, Cheyenne Mountain State Park, and Mueller State Park are just a few of our favorites.  Come play outside and take a gook book with you!

Here is a sneak peek at my upcoming book, A Warlock’s Secrets, releasing June 14th, second book in Demon’s Witch Series. 

Years ago a sacred ceremony at the Dragon’s Moon Coven, turned deadly. Son of the high priestess, Tristian Shandie’s life changed forever. With a price on his head and revenge in his heart, he has no choice but to follow in his father’s footsteps to a profession shrouded in secrets. Now his skills as an enforcer for the Demon Overlord are second to none. But dangerous secrets he harbors are a liability he can no longer afford.

A chance meeting with a woman he finds irresistible flips Tristian’s world upside down. Hannah is a cyber security specialist with secrets of her own. Bad boys never appealed to her until Tristian, who changes everything. In his darkest hours she is dragged into his magical world. If they survive, is she strong enough to heal his heart and tame the warlock? Or will their secrets destroy them?

If you haven’t read the book that started it all, A Demon’s Witch, its available at, KoboThe Wild Rose Press. and Barnes & Noble. Then watch for A Warlock’s Secrets, June 14th, pre-orders coming soon!

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Camp Nanowrimo Creates Romance & Happily Ever After

Once again I am participating in Camp Nanowrimo, April 1st through April 30th, 2017. It’s a little more unstructured than the November Nanowrimo, where you have to complete 50,000 words in thirty days. At camp you set the pace and how many words you want complete in the 30 day timeframe.  Still, there are hundreds of writers worldwide participating so you cheer each other on.  It’s a fun forum, when usually it’s only you, the computer and keyboard. Writing is a solitary endeavor for the most part.  Check back here to see how I’m doing!  This morning, April 7th, I’m at 8,990 words, so I have a bit to go to meet my daily word count. Wish me luck!

For me Camp Nanowrimo is still 50,000 words in thirty days, because I need a good start on my next book. But there are a few obstacles, Pikes Peak Library District’s Mountain of Authors is Saturday , April 8th.  It’s a lost day of writing but so much fun hanging with local authors, selling and signing books for my readers. Then April 28th through the 30th I will be at the Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference, so I better have my 50,000 words done at that point. Whew! That means only twenty-seven days.  Still I love a good challenge!

Something that has always mystified me is the rolling of eyes and a few derogatory comments  when I say I write romance or paranormal romance with a little mystery and suspense thrown in.  It’s the happily ever after that draws me to the genre. What could be more inviting than to be swept away to a world of magic, fantasy, feel good and romance for a few hours.  No time in recent history has there been a greater need for a safe place to escape for a few hours.  Or a reminder of the heart-warming and healing power of love.  Especially when devastating destruction is all around us, whether it be natural disasters or man’s violent acts on mankind.

So to those who question my choice in writing — too bad. I will continue to create stories that stress the importance of seeing beyond ourselves to help others obtain their happily ever after!  I’m not sure what can be done to fix this world, but for my part I will continue to create happily ever afters in my corner of the world to share with you.

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April Fools’ Day or All Fools Day – It’s Coming, Be Warned!

Whether you call it April Fools’ Day or All Fools Day, it  is one of the most light-hearted days of the year.  Where the tradition started no one really knows. Is it a celebration of the turning of the seasons that makes people play pranks on friends, neighbors, co-workers or family members? The long cold winter is over, new sprouts springing up all over make people giddy?  Well, maybe.

April Fools’ Day is celebrated every year on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools. People playing April Fool jokes expose their prank by shouting April Fool. Some newspapers, magazines, and other published media report fake stories, which are usually explained the next day or below the news section in small letters. April Fool’s day has been popular since the 19th century, the day is not a public holiday in any country. But don’t you think it should be?

It’s noteworthy that many different cultures have had days of foolishness within weeks of the start of April. The Romans had a festival named Hilaria on March 25, rejoicing in the resurrection of Attis.

The Hindu calendar has Holi, probably the least religious of Hindu holidays. During Holi, Hindus attend a public bonfire, spray family and Friends with colored powders and water, and basically go a bit wild in the streets.  Sounds a bit like Mardi Gras in New Orleans, doesn’t it?

The Jewish calendar has Purim. The joyous and fun festival of Purim is celebrated every year on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar (late winter/early spring). It memorializes the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from Haman’s plot to annihilate all the Jews, young and old, infants and women, in a single day.

In Scotland, The traditional prank is to ask someone to deliver a sealed message that supposedly is a request for help. In fact, the message reads “Dinna laugh, dinna smile. Hunt the gowk another mile.” The recipient, upon reading it, will explain he can only help if he first contacts another person, and sends the victim to this next person with an identical message, with the same result.

Did you know that Aphrilophobia is the fear of April Fool’s Day. Here are a few of the phobias associated with this day termed social phobias because they entail being embarrassed in public or worse.

Katagelophobia – Fear of Ridicule or Embarrassment
Neophobia – Fear of something new
Scopophobia – Fear of being stared at
Ereuthophobia – Fear of blushing
Mythophobia – Fear of making a false statement
Traumatophobia – Fear of being emotionally wounded or injured

Do you usffer from any of these?

Is there something about the time of year, with its turn from winter to spring, that lends itself to light-hearted celebrations?  I think so! What do you think? Are you a prankster or not? Remember, don’t pull a prank on someone that you wouldn’t mind being pulled on you, because hurting someone’s feelings is no joke at all!

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Ever Been on A Road Trip From Hell?

I never had such a road trip until the last two weeks.  The first day out, we made it to Gallup, New Mexico relatively unscathed.  The next day, sustained 55 mph winds with 75-86 mph gusts derailed our plans, nearly derailed our fifth wheel, and  put us a day behind, not to mention destroying  a window in the trailer. After a pickup truck and trailer were flipped over ahead of us by the wind, we pulled off in Flagstaff, the wind was way to scary to continue.

The next day we made it to Las Vegas where hubby attended  ConEx, a construction conference.  At the trailer, I did a final check on A Warlock’s Secrets and sent it back to my editor.  Should have a release date soon. A reveal of the swoon worthy cover and exciting blurb are on the horizon!  I can’t wait for you to read it!  We played  tourist with friends, local to Las Vegas, visiting the dancing fountains of the Bellagio and attending a performance of the Cirque Du Soleil show KA. Fantastic show! After we finished up in Vegas, it was on to California and disaster struck again.

As we headed down the highway, passing through Bakersfield,  a trucker pulled along side us and waved —  pointing to our trailer.  We pulled off at the next exit to find smoke rolling out from behind the right front wheel of our trailer. Thank God for truckers.  Upon further examination the bearing had failed and melted to the axle.  Now these bearings had less than five-hundred miles on them.  It was  Friday at 5:00 p.m., all the parts places were closed, so we limped our trailer on three wheels to A Country RV Park approximately 2.8 miles away.  What luck to find one so close! We couldn’t have asked for a better place.  The staff were friendly and very helpful!

Saturday morning bright and early hubby started calling RV Parts places. He learned that an axle needed to be ordered and would take a few days to arrive, since the warehouses wouldn’t open until Monday.  Being a glass half full type of guy, hubby went outside and re-inspected the damage, made a couple of phone calls and yanked out the trusty tools he always packs on our travels. After a visit to an RV parts place and several hundred dollars, he had the parts to fix the damage. Yea!!

Nope that was not all.  As my hubby began work on the axel, I received a phone call informing us a good friend had a heart attack and was being rushed to the hospital. My heart sank.  Back to the mechanical situation – a few bouts of expletives from hubby and four hours later we were on our way again.

Finally we arrived at our destination in California, visited a few days with relatives, and traveled on to Riverton, WY to meet up with friends, then home to Colorado without further complications.  The daffodils, crocus, hyacinth  and tulips in our yard are bravely poking their sprouts  above ground.  Spring is here along with it a lot more camping adventures (as soon as we get a new window). FYI, our friend survived her heart attack and is on the road to recovery! So as they say, (never figured out who they are… but…) all’s well that ends well. Thankfully! Have you ever had a road trip like this?


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