Make Today So Awesome Yesterday Gets Jealous!

Today, one hopes that with age comes wisdom, maybe a gentler nature and understanding. This year my Mantra is Stay Positive, Believe in Yourself and Stay Motivated. A lot of people seem to be headed in the same direction, which to my thinking is a good thing!

A facebook post by Jacqueline Jayne, really hit home. I copied part of it and thought I’d save it, but alas, I am unable to find the original post which went something like this. To all my female friends of “age”…
Most of us are going through the next stage of our lives. We are at that age where we see the wrinkles, gray hair, extra pounds. We see the pretty 25-year-olds and sigh. But we were once 25 too, just like they will one day be our age. What they bring to the table with their youth and zest for life, we bring with our wisdom, experience and good hearts. For all we’ve been through earning each gray hair… raising kids, bills and ills and whatever else life brought you/us over the 30s, 40’s, 50’s, we are survivors… we are warriors… we are women. We’re like a classic car or fine wine — while our exterior may not be what it once was, it is traded for our spirit, our courage, and our strength to enter this chapter of our lives with grace and pride for all we’ve been through, accomplished and yet to accomplish!
Never feel bad about aging. It is a privilege denied to many. We are still here, we can make a difference.

I say way to go girl!

Today be Positive – First off, I gotta quit reading and watching the news. LOL Next, I can’t let negative thought or feelings drain my energy. Finally, it’s better to focus on all the good in my life, letting it guild my thoughts, feelings and words. In my thinking, if we all do our best to banish negativity to the outer edges of the universe, that should leave more room in the world for positivity. Don’t you think?

Today Believe in Yourself – Dare to Dream!  These three words are written on the top of my pink laptop computer. This is why I am where I am today. I didn’t give up, rose to the challenge to become a published author.  In this industry or just about any industry, it’s tough to maintain belief in yourself, especially when some are intent in tearing you down, but I’m determined to do it. How about you?

Today Stay Motivated.  This was never a problem for me. I am a determined, motivated person with a very competitive spirit. Recently, I discovered that it’s all well and good, IF you don’t let it turn negative when you don’t get what you were after. Learn to roll with the punches, get up dust yourself off and say “I did my best” and be happy about it. This is my challenge. What is yours?

Remember you really only have three choices in life: Give up, give in, or give it all you got! I’m going to give it all I got. What will you do?


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New Year’s Resolutions – Make Them or Not?

Happy New Year!! New Year Resolutions?

Now there’s a dilemma.  In 2017 I made what I thought was attainable resolutions, as I normally do.  However, toward the end of the year due to a family member’s unexpected ongoing illness, making those goals was tough. I barely made my 50,000 words in November for Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo.  I did muddle through making my word counts, deadlines and projects as planned, but it was tough.

I guess I’ve been lucky in that I am a planner and the plans I set in stone happen as expected.  Toward the end of 2017, for the first time, I learned that setting long term plans and goals can be fraught with problems. Life throws curve balls that you cannot imagine until it happens.

Ever the optimist, I did make reservations for 2018 camping trips, with the knowledge that cancelling them is a possibility. The alternative of no camping reservations is unthinkable.

I have discovered that I don’t work well with the unknown.  I like to have it nailed down and know where I’m going and how I’m going to get there.  Which is probably why I’ve usually created my new year’s resolutions  with an eye to my plans for the entire new year. Yeah, going to back that off a bit.

So here it goes. My 2018 resolutions:

Write 5,000 to 7,000 words each week.

Finish the edits for fourth book in A Demon’s Witch Series in time for a springtime release.

Finish the fifth book in A Demon’s Witch Series and the complete the sequel to Charm Me.

Finish a rough draft of my romantic suspense – book one. There will be three books in this series.

Take more time for myself and my companion animals. I did pretty good on that goal last year, but going to do better this year.

Read and enjoy more books than last year.

Think before I blurt out statements that are better left unsaid, making me a kinder, gentler person.

Clean out the closets and give away the clothes we don’t wear anymore.  It’s time.  LOL

Spend more time actually talking to people rather than letting my fingers do the talking. (More verbal communication and less electronic) LOL

Exercise more! This is a tough one for me that’s why I’m not setting a specific goal trying for  3 times a week.

How about you?  What resolutions will you make for 2018? Did you make your 2017 goals? Or if you don’t make resolutions, why not. Leave your answers in the comments, please.  Welcome to 2018, what I wild ride it may be!


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My Favorite Things About Christmas!

With the holiday season in full swing, Thought I’d mention a few of my favorite things. I love Halloween, it’s by far my favorite holiday and decorate for the All Hallows Eve almost as much as I do for Christmas, which comes in a close second. Did I mention, I LOVE to decorate! LOL At Thanksgiving the aroma of turkey, candied sweet potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie made the house smell so inviting. My mouth waters just thinking about it. But Christmas…well…
IMG_0775    IMG_0771









1. Decorations. First of all, we start decorating the Friday after Thanksgiving. First the outside decorations go up. Then the tree, it’s lights, especially the bubble lights they are mesmerizing to watch. Several years ago, I brought the cutest colorful lifesaver shaped garland that I wind up the stairway banister. The tiny Precious Moments nativity is one I found years ago, along with Sam’s town, the soft lights from their windows are my christmas treeparrots night light during the holidays. IMG_0768







2. Food. Christmas is turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, rolls, candied yams and pumpkin pie swirled in whipped cream. Yummmm! The leftovers are even better. Sometimes we freeze the turkey leftovers and weeks or even a month later, yummy turkey sandwiches are wonderful.
3. Music. While we decorate the tree, we play a wide variety of Christmas Carols from the traditional to Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. The carols are sung by rock and roll artists, county western or classical renditions. It has been a family traditional as long as I can remember. We reminisce where the beloved tree decorations passed down generation to generation originated and the funny stories each spark.
4. Movies. It’s officially the Christmas season when we watch Miracle on 31st Street and How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carey. He is such a hoot. Then its Scrooged with Bill Murray. Afterward most nights we enjoy watching the variety of Christmas movies collected. Yep, get my Christmas movie fix.







5. Christmas Light Looking. It isn’t Christmas without getting in the SUV and driving through town admiring everyone’s decorations. Some lighting displays are synchronized with popular holiday music wafting through the crisp night air as you drive by.  It’s beautiful and we enjoy it every year with a mug of hot chocolate and Christmas cookies we pack with us for the drive.





6. Family and Friends. The best part of the holidays is connecting with family and friends, whether it’s a long over-due phone call to catch up or a board game with friends. Years ago, I started writing a Christmas letter with our family’s actives for the year, complete with pictures. Since then it’s become a tradition. Friends and family look forward to that letter and make sure updated address are in my hands by Thanksgiving. There have been scary times, happy times, sad and in-between times, but keeping in touch seems help everyone weather the preverbal storms.  It’s been a rough year for many.

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One last favorite thing of mine is to curl up in front of a crackling fireplace with a good book and a mug of homemade hot chocolate. Speaking of good books, have a look at my latest release, A Vampire’s Unlikely Alliance, Not what you’ve come to expect from a Vampire Tale! Exciting romantic fantasy where magic may save the day. But will it be too late?

So there you have it, a few of my favorite things. What are yours?

With that, I’ll wish you all Love and Laughter. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Got any resolutions? Come on, you know you do. LOL What do you plan to change and what do you hope to see in 2018? I look forward to hearing from you! See you next year. I know it’s an old cliché, but couldn’t help myself!

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Christmas Traditions Make the Holidays!

One of the fun things about Christmas is traditions. Take for instance, the Land Down Under, because, well, someday I want to visit there, just probably not at Christmas. The English and Irish predominately settled Australia so it stands to reason their traditions reflect those countries. Here’s a few of of their Christmas Traditions.
Christmas Bell FlowerAussie’s decorate their homes with ferns, palm leaves and evergreens along with Cockatoo Christmas bushblooming flowers of Christmas Bush and Christmas Bell Flower. It’s summer time in December down under, when most of the United States is looking forward to big flakes and blankets of snow for a white Christmas.
Carols by Candlelight is one of the popular events in Australia. People come together under the stars at night to light candles and sing Christmas carols. Seems to me, it’s not far from our own tradition of Christmas carolers. I just can’t imagine Christmas without snow, that’s why I live in Colorado.
christmas-dinner-1 AussieChristmas rooChristmas Day is when families and close friends gather from all over Australia for a holiday midday dinner. Some enjoy a traditional British Christmas dinner of roast turkey or ham and rich plum pudding doused in brandy and set on fire before it is brought to the table. Other families head for the backyard barbie to grill their Christmas dinner, maybe shrimp, in the sunshine or go to the beach and enjoy a picnic of cold turkey or ham and a salad. To the delight of children,  Father Christmas  in shorts may appear to greet children at the beach on Christmas! If you can’t have snow, that’s the way to celebrate Christmas.
Because I am of Swedish descent, let’s take a peek at Christmas Traditions in Sweden where in December the days are quite short, the nights long and the ground is usually snow covered. The Christmas season begins at church on the first Sunday of Advent, which is the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Children use an Advent calendar to keep track of the first day of December until Christmas, just like some of ours do. Each morning, they open a flap in the calendar’s Christmas scene to see the charming picture behind it. This year, I have a Victorian Advent calendar on my computer and enjoy a surprise behind each door daily.
Christmas princessThe festivities in Sweden really begin with St. Lucia’s Day, December 13th, a swed treecelebration of the patron saint of light. A Christmas market held in the old medieval section of Stockholm is where you can find handmade toys, ornaments, and candy. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Some people write a special verse to accompany the gift and even seal the package with colorful sealing wax. I have enough trouble with scotch tape and wrapping paper, I can’t imagine what would happen with hot sealing wax. Not a pretty sight, I’m sure. A Christmas tree is selected by the whole family just a day or two before Christmas and decorated, while the delightful aroma of gingerbread cookies in the shape of hearts, stars, or other festive shapes waft through to house. Christmas Christmas-TableEve is when the main feast is eaten. Presents might be brought by Santa knom(Jultomten) or  by gnomes/elves  named Tomte or Nissar. Many families set out a sheaf of grain on a pole for hungry birds. My hubby and I always put out special treats for the wild birds on Christmas.

christmas treeAs for my family, we put up the tree, Christmas decorations inside and out, the weekend after Thanksgiving. Or try to. No it’s not a real tree, only because I’m allergic. <sigh> We watch Christmas movies throughout December and make candy such as Divinity, Fantasy Fudge and Beaver Dams. What are beaver damsBeaver Dams, you ask. Well, take a package of butterscotch chips, melt them in a double boiler, stir in half-package of crispy Chow Mein Noodles and one half can of cocktail peanuts. Spoon the concoction onto foil and let set. They look like beaver dams hence the name. YUMMY.

This year I’m going, to once again, try my hand at gingerbread cookies. Its become a Christmas Tradition of sorts, an make my family cringe. Why you ask?  I haven’t had a lot of luck in previous years getting a good tasting cookie. Do any of you have a favorite recipe that I could try? Feel free to leave the recipe in the comments section.

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In my book A Witch’s Holiday Wedding, Pepper had Christmas Traditions too, came with her Irish heritage!  Magic of family & friends a Christmas tale of true love. A Sequel to A Witch’s Journey.

Next week My Favorite Things About Christmas. What Christmas Traditions do and your family observe on Christmas Eve and Day? Or during the month of December? I look forward to hearing from you.

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