Collaborating Writers, Anyone? Deception in Destin

Give a warm welcome to Sandra Tilley & Suzanne Purvis, authors of  Deception in Destin, a romantic suspense.

Pull up a chair, grab a drink of your choice from the cooler, a Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter cookie from the plate, and let’s find out a little about collaborating writers, Sandra and Suzanne, authors of Deception in Destin!


Have you considered collaborating on a book? Ever wondered if there was a key ingredient to working with a partner or multiple partners?

Aretha Franklin knows the secret to successful collaboration: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Now that I have that song playing in your head, I can explain how RESPECT is vital to all relationships–but extra especially when it comes to writing. We writers can be a sensitive lot. The letters we arrange into words and sentences and paragraphs and chapters become part of us, an entity that grows and matures with each inspiration–like our offspring. And criticism-even constructive criticism- can sometimes expose those nerve-endings of self-doubt.

However, constructive criticism is a crucial part of the collaboration process. That’s where mutual respect comes in. A sincere partner’s motivation bears no malice or subtext. A sincere partner is all in. A sincere partner’s core motivation is to strengthen your alliance and your manuscript.

Maybe you wonder if finding a collaborating partner is worth the effort. Think critique partner with super powers. Like the Mind Meld where bouncing ideas blasts creativity from hidden crevices in your brain and stimulates concepts to fresh and lofty heights. Or senses your struggle and gives you a gentle push to reach your goal.

Our idea to collaborate came after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The media capitalized on the disaster in story after story. At one of our meetings, an idea hit Suzanne and me. Since we live on the Gulf of Mexico, why not write a book about corruption of BP funds in the tourist town of Destin, Florida? We packed our swimsuits and plenty of wine and went on a week-end writing retreat to Destin. We each chose a POV and plotted and brainstormed until we knew where our story was going. We’d set a timer and pound those computer keys relentlessly until the timer sounded or we’d done a chapter. Then we’d take a break to read our pages and make notes. (And maybe have a small, really tiny glass of wine.). Over a period of two LONG days of writing (and who knows how many bottles of wine), we finished our rough draft.

Then the hard work began. REVISING. REVISING. REVISING.

For months we made the ether net dizzy passing our pages back and forth. We tweaked and edited and revised our manuscript until we loved it.

Although we took our story from the headlines, we added our own brand of romance and intrigue; and our novella was born After a few years, the small publishing house who published our book was sold; and we requested the control of our rights. We re-revised our book, tweaked the name, designed a new cover, and self-published Deception in Destin. Our baby was re-born–and better than ever.

One important thing I learned is that collaborating makes you want to be a better writer. And I thank Suzanne Purvis for making me a better writer.

Suzanne Purvis is a Canadian transplant. She traded her snow boots for flip flops and can say y’all with the best of us. About seven years ago we met in Pensacola via a bunch of writers we called the Crazy Women’s Writers Group. Living two hours apart, emails were our form of communication. We supported each other’s efforts and began critiquing each other’s pieces and became best friends.

Now that Suzanne has added free-lance editing and teaching at Lawson’s Writers’ Academy to her award-winning writing career, we can only squeeze in meetings about once a month. However, we still manage to email and/or text every day. A day without an email from Suzanne in my inbox, is a day when the earth is askew. And although the key ingredient to collaborating is respect, being BFF’s doesn’t hurt either.

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Tell us a little about DECEPTION i


Forensic accountant Drew Arnoud could be on vacation. Instead, he’s investigating misappropriation of BP’s oil spill settlement funds in the beachside town of Destin, Florida. Having his kayak tipped by head hunting specialist Bree Finley could be a coincidence, or could she be involved? Either way he’s keeping her close, maybe too close. In his search to reveal the truth, he finds his life and his heart in jeopardy.

Bree Finley has been betrayed before by her ex-husband, but is it possible he’s involved her and their company in fraud? Who can she trust? She must decide, but the wrong decision may prove deadly.

You can visit Sandra at and Suzanne at

You can find Deception in Destin on Amazon.

It was wonderful having you with us today.  Please feel free to stop by anytime. Good Luck with Deception in Destin!


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