Eclectus – Not Just A Decoration

TacoREggieShiori rock smallNo, an Eclectus is not a decoration, nor is it meant to be admired from afar. Yes, it’s beauty will take your breath away. But this bundle of feathers isn’t just beautiful, it’s a very intelligent bird.

In fact, I was talking to someone the other day who indicated that the Eclectus was the bird that would wear a pocket protector, if birds wore such a thing.  I asked him if he was calling my bird a nerd.  He laughed and said, “No, no, just an extremely intelligent bird that considers its options before taking action.” Believe it or not, that same action is the reason some people consider the Eclectus a dull and unintelligent bird.

Several Eclectus have vocabularies of over two hundred words, and use them in the correct context.  They learn tricks, play games, even create their own games, are empathetic and at playtime have a well-earned reputation of being a feathered monkey.

The Eclectus is a living breathing creature with lots of needs to be met by its owner.  Well – owner is not tacoreggieshioriexactly the right word.  You don’t really own an Eclectus, they have a unbelievably independent streak.  However, you are its companion and your family is it’s flock.

Your Ekkie looks to you for security, food, shelter and most of all companionship.  Being an Eclectus companion is not an easy job, nor is it for the faint of heart. On a daily basis, cages need to be wiped down, bottom papers changed and dishes washed.  Once a month the cage needs scrubbing and disinfecting.  Vacuuming is a daily chore.

Preparing meals to keep your Ekkies healthy and happy are time consuming.  Cleaning up after mealtime can be a chore, as Ekkies are known to hold several gold medals for the Olympic food slinging event.  That is not to say there aren’t neat eaters among the Ekkies, but they are definitely in the minority.

Something New?

Even when you do everything right, the curious, mischievous nature of your bird can get it into trouble. Constant supervision is necessary to keep your Eclectus safe and out of danger.

Okay, so why would anyone want to burden themselves in such a way?  Well, because for the right person or family the benefits of Eclectus companionship are priceless.  Every morning you uncover their cage and are greeted with an exuberant “good morning” by a feathered creature that is happy to be alive and will let everyone know it.  What a glorious way to start your day.

I know, I know not every single day is going to be wonderful, birds can have bad days too.  However, an adult Eclectus who usually gets between ten and twelve hours of sleep each night, proper socialization and a nutritional diet will be a healthy, happy bird with few bad days.

You have to take into consideration the growing stages of a young bird (terrible twos, adolescence and sexual maturity). Patience is not only a virtue, but is mandatory during these stages of your Eclectus’ life.

Your Ekkie’s happy enthusiastic greeting as you enter the house from a rough day at work, melts all the days

Adolescence Taco

trials and tribulations away. Their bright expectant eyes watching your every move as you release them from their cage to play, express more than any words could say.

Meal preparation is  rewarding, when you see the great enthusiasm your culinary efforts  bring when presented at meal time.  Most Eclectus owners say their labors are greatly rewarded and a labor of love.  However, make no mistake, Eclectus or parrot ownership of any kind is not for everyone.  Companion birds are a lot of responsibility and a lot of work, but for those who choose to share their life with these extraordinary creatures, there is no greater reward than the trust and companionship of our birds.

If you need more information on Eclectus Parrot, visit the Eclectus Parrots as Companions facebook page. 

They are a group of Eclectus owners dedicated making life better from their Eclectus companions.

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