Enjoy the Great Outdoors With Your Parrot


A Visit to the Great Sand Dunes

 Spring is already here and summer is headed our way. It’s time to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Don’t leave your feathered best friend behind! They will enjoy the great outdoors just as much, if not more than you. The benefits to your parrot’s health derived from the fresh air, sunshine and companionship are numerous.

From their point of view, what could be more fun than spending time with their favorite person, enjoying the wonders of the great outdoors. Just watch the sparkle in your parrot’s eyes and the wondrous expression on their little feathered face, as they call to the wild birds flying overhead, or greet your neighbors with a cheerful “Hello” as you stroll around your neighborhood. Consider what is going through their mind, tucked safely underneath your chin (with a flightsuit or harness on), watching that large, furry, 4-legged creature lope down the street. You can share your parrot’s excitement as you both wander the mountain trails listening to the rustle of the leaves in the tall trees. Never have I seen a parrot’s neck stretched out so far as when we passed under a couple of squirrels angrily chattering above us for invading their space.

TacoREggieShiori rock small

Enjoying a Day in the Sun With a Flightsuit or Harness On

Without risk to your parrots safety, all the above is possible and more, if you train your parrot to wear a harness such as a feather tether, or a flightsuit which is a harness, leash and reusable diaper all in one. My Eclectus Parrot, Taco’s, preference is the light weight stretchy flightsuit and leash.  You can purchase a flightsuit by visiting the web page at http://www.featherwear.com. However, a friend’s Eclectus Parrot, Reggie, prefers a feather tether harness and leash on his outings. You can purchase a feather tether harness most pet stores.

A young parrot takes right to wearing a flightsuit or harness. An older bird may take longer to convince that it really wants to wear the harness or flightsuit. However, don’t give up, keep trying and you will eventually be successful. The adventures you can share with your parrot are well worth the time spent getting your feathered one used to a harness or flightsuit.

Ok, you are now excited about venturing into the great outdoors with your feathered one. You have purchased either a flightsuit or harness. NOW how do you get it on your bird? Start by letting the bird get a good look at it. Some people, including myself, couldn’t wait to try putting it on the bird, and do so right away. With most younger birds this works. With older, shy or nervous birds, you may want to let them play with it or check it out over a few days then try putting it on.

The best way to actually put a flightsuit on is lay it out so you can put the birds feet in between the straps where they go, and pick the suit up, bringing the straps over the front of wings. Then, bring the wings carefully through the straps, hook the velcro together on the back. Make sure the ring that attaches the leash to the flightsuit is towards the tail of the bird not the head.

Taco in Celltie small

Pack O Bird

To put the harness on, unhook the straps that go under the wings and around the neck. Lay the harness out, sit the bird over the harness and bring the straps up over the wings and hook, then hook the one around the neck.

Can’t seem to convince your feathered one to wear a flightsuit or harness, don’t dispare, the Celltei Pack-O-Bird is a fantastic way to share the outdoors with your feathered one. It’s a very light weight back pack and cage all in one. You can order one or get more information at www.celltei.com or call 718-388-8882. They will be happy to answer any questions when you call.

The Pack-O-Bird also provides protection from flying predators when hiking in the forest, as well as, providing shade from the hot sun when your feathered ones are supervising your work in the yard or garden. Screened on three sides the Pack-O-Bird provides lots of fresh air too. The carrier comes in a wide variety of sizes. One is just right for your parrot from cockatiel sized on up to a large Macaw.

With all the choices available, what are you waiting for? Get on out there and enjoy the great outdoors with your feathered friend! You will be SO glad you did.


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