Happy Holidays And Your Eclectus Parrot

With the holidays in full swing, I thought perhaps we would touch on the effects the holidays have on our lives thusly the lives of our parrots. The holidays are a time for family, friends, entertaining and giving. A time to look back, and plan ahead.  Most of all, a time to enjoy!  Enjoy, hum, now just what does that mean during the holiday season?  Must we  shop till we drop, decorate till there is no more room and make an appearance at each holiday party to which we were invited? Then make room for out of town guests in our already filled homes and calendars?  Now, just where is there room for quality time with our faithful feathered companions?

tacopresent2001Now, no doubt every one’s world is different. So I’m going to share with you what my family does in order to hopefully keep chaos from reining this holiday season  We enjoy decorating our home for the holidays and include our feathered, furred and scaled members in the festivities. Taco’s (Eclectus) play stand will be rolled into each room as we decorate it for Christmas, with Christmas music playing quietly in the back ground. Sure it takes a bit more time, as we return Taco to her playstand each time she decided fly and  check out each and every decoration, spool of ribbon and of course the traditional Christmas Tree.  However, she  enjoys our company and is in awe of all the new and exciting things, she will never be allowed to get her pointed little beak on no matter how hard she tries. The whole experience is totally entertaining for everyone!  Oh, one more thing, you must allow extra time to decorate with feather assistants!  This also  takes care of the bird’s surprise and stress that their home has been transformed into a Christmas wonderland, because they saw it happen.  It also allows you time to spend with them during this hectic holiday season.

Make sure you take all the precautions to keep your feathered ones safe.  I’m sure you are aware that Poinsettia’s are poisonous, so keep that plant away from your birds.  Better yet, why not replace it will a safe beautifully blooming  Christmas cactus?  Also, keep in mind that Holly and Mistletoe are also poisonous.

We hold our holiday open house for family, friends and neighbors early in December with Taco watching the festivities from the safety and security of her locked cage. Taco is used to having a lot of people around, if your bird is not, you’ll want to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure their security and comfort.  Whatever you do during the holidays, try to keep your feathered ones routine as normal as possible.  They don’t know the holidays from any other day of the year, and all the activity will definitely have an effect on their world so minimize it, if possible.

With all the shopping, visiting and other holiday traditions, time is a scarce commodity.  Perhaps the way to unwind at the end of your busy day is to sit down, spend a few minutes each evening sharing with your Eclectus what happened in your day, how your holidays are shaping up, and relax. Your holiday stress will be less and your feathered one will not feel neglected.

Last year we warmed up the truck, put the flight suit on Taco, tucked her in our coat and went to the mall. We were not really shopping, just Taco opening presentslooking and soaking up the holiday atmosphere. Taco truly enjoyed watching the people and listening to the music in the mall. Now, if your bird is shy, this may not work for you, but for us, it was a wonderful relaxing experience. It was a fun way to share the holidays with Taco too.

Wrap your feathered ones presents in newspaper (the comics are colorful) and let them open the presents themselves. This is also good for your canine companions. What fun to watch and no worries about what kind of ink is used or what is in the paper that could harm your bird. I’ve never been sure of what kind of paper and ink they use in wrapping paper and ribbons, so I avoid those items.

IMG_3508One other thing we do is review our holiday traditions. If we enjoy the traditions, they stay, if not, they go, leaving more time for the things, people, and the feathered, furred or scaled companions that we really enjoy.

And no matter how hard your parrots beg, no staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve.  Or you will experience the New Year Cranky Parrot Syndrome.  Not a pretty sight!

Warmest holiday wishes from my family to yours! See you in 2016 when we will discuss Eclectus not just a cage decoration and toy making fun!

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