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Give a warm welcome to Lisa Mondello, author of Lone Star Lady, eighth book in the Texas Hearts series!

Pull up a chair, grab a drink of your choice from the cooler, or there’s homemade lemonade in the pitcher on the counter. Chose a Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter cookie from the plate, and let’s find out a little about Lisa, her Lone Star Lady and the Texas Hearts series.

Lisa, Lone Star Lady is part of the Texas Hearts series.  Tell us about connecting books in a series.Creating a new world for a romance series can be difficult for an author.  How do you create a series of connecting characters while making every book fresh?

When I wrote the Lone Star Lady, part of the Texas Hearts series, it wasn’t originally supposed to be part of a series.   It sold and was originally published by another publisher.  But when I got the rights back to the book, I knew I didn’t want it to be a standalone book.  So I rewrote it to be part of the Texas Hearts series.  In doing so, I had to figure out how a standalone book that was very different than the Gentry brother’s story, could fit into that world.

My solution to connecting Lone Star Hero to Texas Hearts came by connecting the heroines from The Wedding Dress and Leaving Liberty to the heroine of Lone Star Lady.  Life sometimes pulls you in different directions and different places.  But friendships from the past endure.  And so Hannah Ward and Liberty Calvert became Theresa Morales’s best friends.  It gave me the opportunity to revisit those characters from past books and give readers and update without allowing their storylines to take over the current book.

I also included country singer Brock Gentry, hero of book 4 Gypsy Hearts, in the story as an off camera character.  So readers who are familiar with the series have an automatic connection to that world even though I created a new location outside of Texas to set the story.

Authors love writing series just as much as readers love reading them.  But the constant work to create something fresh to keep readers interested is work.  Fortunately for me, I love this work.  I hope you check out Lone Star Lady and all the Texas Hearts books at

Interesting, connecting characters from different books in a series is the reason so many enjoy reading series.  They don’t have to say goodbye to characters they’ve grown to love.

Lone Star Lady
Texas Hearts
Book Eight
Lisa Mondello
If you love sweet romances that are clean and wholesome, then you’ll love Lisa Mondello’s  Lone Star Lady, book eight of TEXAS HEARTS series!
What the book is about!
Taos, New Mexico wasn’t far enough from home for Theresa Morales to run to. But this Texas girl didn’t think there was anything that could wipe away the pain of her mistakes, even in the arms of Dr. Dennis Harrington the local doctor at the Taos ski resort where she sought refuge.
But the past quickly caught up to her when a local kid, Dennis’s nephew, becomes traumatized by a fatal New Year’s Eve accident that has left him feeling responsible. Dennis couldn’t deny he was immediately taken by Theresa the moment they’d met. But the accident that pulled him away from the New Year’s Eve gala where he’d danced with her and held her close, had change things for all of them.
Now he’s desperate for Theresa to help for his nephew, who is so fragile he fears the worst. The sadness Dennis sees in Theresa’s brown eyes tells him she’s running from something that happened in Texas. Something she can’t face.
When the past comes back and Theresa heals enough to return to Texas, will it leave both of them brokenhearted?
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 A sneak peek between the pages of Lone Star Lady!

“I didn’t know who else to go to. I really need your help.”

Teresa Morales listened to Dr. Dennis Harrington’s words as she sat curled up on the soft beige sofa in the lodge at the Taos Falls Mountain Ski Resort. The fire in the huge granite fireplace in the center of the room was burning hot—almost too hot for her comfort. Or maybe that was just her anxiety kicking in. This was supposed to be her vacation. No one was supposed to need her help here.

She bookmarked the page in the book she had been reading before Dennis’s abrupt arrival and closed it, setting it aside on the end table. With a swift motion, she untangled one long leg out from underneath her and brusquely hit her bare feet to the wide pine floor with a dull thud. If this was his idea of a joke, she wasn’t laughing.

“Dennis, I’m just a tourist here. What help could I possibly give you?”

“Last night…” His voice trailed off. His face looked stricken, and Teresa knew he wasn’t talking about the New Year’s Eve party they’d both attended—or the dance they’d shared. No, he was referring to what had happened afterward—the reason behind the beeper call that had pulled him out of her arms and away from the party after their dance. The horrible car crash on the bridge just a few hundred yards from the ski resort had been the only topic of conversation throughout Taos Falls today.

“I’m not sure you understand how severe the accident that took place last night really was.” 

About the Author:
New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Lisa Mondello, has held many jobs in her life but being a published author is the last job she’ll ever have. She’s not retiring! She blames the creation of the personal computer for her leap into writing novels. Otherwise, she’d still be penning stories with paper and pen. Her book The Knight and Maggie’s Baby is a New York Times Bestseller. Her popular series includes TEXAS HEARTS, DAKOTA HEARTS, Fate with a Helping Hand and the new SUMMER HOUSE series. Writing as LA Mondello, her romantic suspense, MATERIAL WITNESS, book 1 of her Heroes of Providence series made the USA TODAY Bestsellers List and was named one of Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2012.
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It was wonderful having you with us today, Lisa!  Please feel free to stop by anytime. Good Luck with Lone Star Lady.


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